The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing Story In English

Once upon a time there was a wolf. The wolf lived near a farm. Day after day, the wolf looked over the farm. He wanted to eat the sheep on the farm. The sheep were just a little stupid. The sheep would follow anyone. They followed the farmer. They followed the farmer’s son. They followed the farmer’s dog. When the sheep were alone, they just followed other sheep.

The wolf looked from a distance and said, “Ha ha, stupid sheep. You follow anyone.”

The wolf went to the farm. He wanted to get the delicious sheep to follow him away from the farm. “Follow me, little sheep,” he said. But the sheep were not that stupid. They were naturally afraid of the wolf. The sheep cried “Ba ba!” The farmer was not a very long distance. He ran to protect the sheep. The wolf ran away.

The next day, the wolf had an idea! The sheep will not follow a wolf, but they will follow an innocent sheep. So the wolf went to the farm. Silently, he attacked one sheep, then he ran away. He ate the sheep’s meat, but he protected the sheep’s skin. The wolf used its skin as a disguise. The wolf put on the sheep’s skin. Now he looked like a sheep.

The next day, the wolf went to the farm. “Follow me, little sheep,” he said. This time, the sheep were not afraid. He did not look like a wolf. The sheep followed the wolf silently. They were not afraid as they left the farm.

The sheep followed the wolf. They were a long distance from the farm. The farmer could not hear them. He could not protect the sheep.

Suddenly, the wolf said, “Ha ha, stupid sheep. You follow anyone. I will eat you all!”

“Ba ha!” cried the sheep sadly. But the farm was a long distance. The sheep were very afraid of the terrible wolf.

Just by chance, that day was the day of a special celebration. The farmer went to kill one sheep to eat at the celebration.

So the farmer looked for the sheep. When he arrived, the farmer looked over the sheep. He looked for the biggest, fattest sheep. The biggest sheep was actually a wolf. At just the right moment, the farmer raised his axe silently. Whoosh! The axe went down and killed the wolf.

The wolf’s “Ha ha” stopped suddenly. The sheep were safe.