The Magnolia Tree

Under the big magnolia tree

My dad was playing catch with me

One pitch too high and the ball disappeared!

Lost in the leaves or so I did fear.

He tossed his glove into the air but

It got caught on a branch and it stayed right there.

My sister saw and threw her doll really high

But the greedy tree grabbed it first from the sky.

Then Mommy heard and flipped up her shoe

But the selfish tree saw her and caught that one too.

The mailman bowed and doffed his blue cap

Then threw it real hard, it got stuck in the sap!

A dog dashed over to fetch his own disc

Growled and barked loud when he lost it in the midst.

A bird watcher flung, then knitted her brow

When she saw her binocs hooked on a bough.

Sweet Mrs. McGregor and her cane had a mission

But the tree played her stick like a skilled jazz musician.

We all stood there gaping, with amazement and wonder

As the tree swayed with glee from the weight it was under.

Then a squirrel whose nest was hit in the shuffle

Scuttled by eagerly, amidst the kerfuffle

Down came the cane, the specs and the doll

The cap, the shoe, the disc started to fall

The baseball and glove were finally retrieved

From the impish, grasping magnolia tree

The neighbors turned around and started away

But I snuck one last glance at the game we’d just played

All of a sudden, as we thought all was done

Came scurrying down a grand old opossum!

Above him flew a charm of songbirds aplenty

as quails and squirrels yapped over the fallen bounty

And, as if by magic, a deer pranced through the yard

While wild turkeys encircled the trunk beetles had scarred

“You’re welcome!” I cried full of wonder and glee

As I knew all at once that their home was my tree!

With its bark and hollow caves, its twisty branches dance and wave!

Leaves dazzle emerald green and flowers bloom, oh so keen!

My yard was a haven of so much wildlife to see

As we shared fun and games, thanks to our great Magnolia Tree