The Honest Woodcutter Story

Once, there lived a woodcutter, Ramu, who lived a very simple life. He was poor but he was a good man and worked hard. One day while chopping down a branch, Ramu’s axe slipped and fell into the adjacent river. He tried searching for his axe but all in vain. 

He sat down by the river bank and started weeping. Hearing his cries, an angel appeared and promised to help him find his axe. She dove into the water and retrieved an axe completely made of gold. Ramu said that this wasn’t his axe and refused to accept it. The angel dove again and returned with a silver axe, Ramu refused again and said that his axe was made of steel. The angel went into the water for one last time and returned with Ramu’s axe. Elated, Ramu thanked the angel profusely.

Impressed by his simplicity and honesty, the angel decides to give Ramu the gold and silver axe too. Ramu went home happily.

Moral of the story: Honesty is the best policy.