The Hare and the Tortoise Story

There was once a proud hare who’d always brag about how fast he could run. A wise tortoise who was tired of the hare’s bragging decided to challenge it to a race. “You will never outrun me.” laughed the hare. Everyone in the forest gathered to watch the race.

As soon as the whistle is blown, the hare sprints fast and reaches quite a distance while the tortoise takes tiny little steps. Amused by how incredibly slow the tortoise is, the hare decides to take a nap instead of finishing the race. The tortoise continues to walk steadily past the sleeping hare and finishes the race while the hare snores away. The cheer from the forest animals awakens the hare who realizes he has lost the race due to his arrogance.

Moral of the story: Slow and steady wins the race. Never under-estimate your opponent.