Mommy’s Walking to the Market Lyrics – LooLoo Kids

Mommy’s Walking to the Market Lyrics

Mommy’s walking to the market
With our kitty, down the street.
She would like to fill the basket
With milk, coffee and some meat.

On the way, our little kitty
Met a squeaky mouse called Jim.
Kitty caught him in a second
And began to play with him.

But a happy dog named Maxy
Came out from a nearby house,
And our kitty got so frightened,
She forgot about the mouse.

Why so scared, my little kitty?
Why did you jump on the fence?
Come on down, I’m educated,
I’m a dog with common sense.

Get away, you scary doggie,
I see you’re not civilized.
You are smelly and so dirty.
I, for one, am not surprised!

And poor Maxy was embarrassed
As we walked along the path,
On that day, he made a promise