Going To The Market Lyrics

Going To The Market Lyrics

I’m going to the market with my best friend Jeane,
And everything around us is so nice and GREEN:
Cabbages, zucchini, spinach and Swiss chard,
Eating good and healthy isn’t very hard.

We’d also like to buy something that’s good and sweet,
There are so many things that we would love to eat:
Apples, grapes and berries, and some jam to spread,
So many delicious things that are nice and RED.

My daddy likes bananas, I will get him some,
Some lemons, corn and honey for my Mommy, yum!
So many YELLOW things around, let’s get some cheese,
Some pears and some vanilla ice-cream for me, please!

And now I wonder why there’s nothing BLUE to eat…
Well, butterflies are pretty, but they aren’t meat.
The sky is blue and lovely, but it won’t taste good.
I guess there really isn’t any real blue food.

Oh, I forgot about blueberries!