Friends Forever

There once lived a mouse and a frog who were good friends. The frog would hop out of the pond every morning to go meet the mouse who lived in a hole inside a tree. Soon, the frog grew hostile towards the mouse since the mouse never made an effort to come to visit him.

The frog hatches a plan to punish the mouse. One sunny morning, while visiting the mouse the frog ties one end of a string to his leg and the other end to the mouse’s tail. He bids goodbye to the mouse, hops away, and jumps into the pond dragging the poor mouse with him. Unable to free himself, the mouse drowns and dies. The mouse’s body floats on top of the water while the frog laughs maniacally.

A passing hawk notices the floating mouse, swoops down and picks up the mouse. It is only when the hawk picks up the mouse does the frog realize that he is still tied to the mouse by the string and watches in fear as he is dragged away too. The frog fails to escape the hawk and soon dies.

Moral of the story: In your quest to dig a deep pit for your enemy, you might fall into it yourself.