Coorg – Summary

‘Coorg is a coffee producing area in Karnataka State of India. It is situated midway between Mysore and the coastal town of Mangalore. This land is famous for its rainforests and spices. The writer seems to be fascinated by the beauty of the place and says that it must have come from the Kingdom of God. It is the smallest district of Karnataka.


Coorg is a heavenly place which lies midway between Mysore and Mangalore. It is the smallest district in Karnataka and has evergreen forests, spices and coffee plantations. The best season is between September and March when the weather is perfect for a visit to Coorg.

The people are of Greek or Arabic descent. It is rumoured that a part of Alexander’s army drifted here and found it impossible to return. They married among the locals so their traditions and rites may be different from other Indians. Some people say that Coorgis are of Arabic descent as many people wear a long black coat with embroidered waist belt which is similar to the kuffia worn by the Arabs.

The people of Coorg are known for their hospitality and recount many tales of bravery. General Cariappa, the first Army Chief was a Coorgi. The Kodavus are the only people in India to carry firearms without a license.

A variety of wildlife like the Mahaseer — a large fresh water fish, kingfishers, squirrels, langurs and elephants can be seen here.

Coorg is also well-known for high energy adventures like river rafting, canoeing, rappelling, rock-climbing etc.

The Brahmagiri hills give the climber an awe-inspiring view of Coorg. A walk across the rope bridge leads to the sixty-four acre island of Nisargadhama.

Bylakuppe in Coorg is India’s largest settlement of Buddhist monks. These Buddhist monks can be seen here dressed in red, ochre and yellow robes.