Chandni – Summary

Chandni is written by Zakir Hussain.


Once an old man, Abbu Khan lived in Almora. He was alone. His only companions were a few goats which he always kept as pets. He gave them funny names. He took them out for grazing in day time. He talked to them as one talks to one’s own children. At night he put a string round the neck of each goat.

But poor Abbu was unlucky. One by one his goats broke the string, freed themselves and disappeared in the hills. They loved their freedom. So whenever they got the chance, they would run away only to be killed by an old wolf who lived in the hills. Abbu was sad and puzzled. He wondered why his goats in spite of all the good food and affection, ran straight into the jaws of death. Freedom for them meant struggle, hardships and even death.

When all the goats had left Abbu, he decided not to keep any goat as a pet any more. But he felt very lonely. So he brought a young goat. He hoped that it would begin to love him and never want to go to the hills.

The new goat was white as snow and was very friendly. Abbu called her Chandni. He would narrate to her stories of all his friends. Several years passed. Chandni was still with Abbu. Abbu believed that chandni would never leave him. But her plan was something else. She watched the hilltops which appeared so charming. She hated the rope that wouldn’t let her go. She stopped eating the green grass. She refused to listen to Abbu’s stories. She lost her appetite. She only looked at the hills madly. One day she opened her heart to him. She said she would die if she was not allowed to go to the hills. Abbu warned her of the risk. The dangerous wolf would eat her up. But she was ready to face and fight the wolf.

Abbu got very angry. He pushed her into a small hut and shut the door. But the same night Chandni made her escape through the small window.

She reached the hills which welcomed her. The tall grass, the flowers, the wind—all amused her. It was the happiest day in Chandni’s life. She refused to join the group of wild goats. She wanted to enjoy her freedom alone.

The sun set behind the hills. She heard a strange sound coming from the bushes. It was the grunt of the dangerous wolf. She was afraid but decided to put up good fight.

She was ready to fight the enemy like a brave soldier. The wolf came near Chandni and began to stare greedily at her. Now the fight began which went on through the night. At day break she lay bathed is blood, ready to be eaten up by the wolf.

A bird on top of the tree thought that the wolf had won the battle. But a wise old bird declared firmly that Chandni was the winner.