A Strange Wrestling Match Story – Summary

Short Summary


Everybody believed that Vijay Singh, the famous wrestler,was unbeatable. Vijay Singh was a bit boastful at times. Once he took it upon himself to fight a ghost. Vijay Singh set out to find a ghost in the Haunted Desert. An old woman gave him a small packet containing an egg and a lump of salt. Vijay Singh met a ghost who claimed he was his friend, Natwar.


Vijay Singh demonstrated his strength by crushing what the ghost thought was a piece of rock. The ghost avoided a wrestling bout with Vijay Singh but decided to conquer him through cheating. He invited Vijay Singh to be his guest for the night. Vijay Singh kept awake at night. He cleverly duped the ghost in his own cave. The ghost believed that Vijay Singh was unbeatable. He ran away leaving all his property which made Vijay Singh wealthy for life.



Vijay Singh was a famous wrestler. He was tall like a giant. He had big shoulders and muscular arms. He was a born wrestler.

But Vijay Singh had one weakness. It often pushed him into trouble. He was given to self praise and tall talks. He once said that he was not afraid of ghosts. He wished to face a ghost and teach him a lesson. A

man guided him to the Haunted Desert. That place was ten miles on the road to Jaisalmer. The ghosts had often looted and killed travellers.

Vijay Singh accepted the challenge. He got ready to set out west. An old woman came forward and put a packet into his hands. It contained an egg and a piece of salt. The old woman was known to be crazy.

As Vijay Singh entered the Desert, he heard the voice of a ghost. He called himself, Vijay’s friend, Natwar. Vijay Singh tried to be brave. He called the ghost to come out of the darkness. Looking into Natwar’s face, Vijay Singh called him a weak liar. He showed no signs of fear. The ghost felt insulted.


Vijay Singh proceeded to test the ghost’s strength. He offered him a piece of stone and asked him to squeeze the liquid out of it. The ghost tried hard but failed. Vijay Singh secretly crushed the egg and the yellow part flowed out. He gave the ghost another piece of rock to crush. The ghost failed the test again. Vijay Singh crushed the lump of salt. The powder tasted saltish.

The ghost then planned to kill Vijay Singh secretly. He took Vijay Singh to his cave and offered him a luxurious bed to sleep on, complete with pillows. Vijay Singh saw through the ghost’s trick. He put a round pillow on the bed and he sat himself in a corner. The ghost at break of day struck the pillow seven times. He was happy now. He thought he had killed his enemy. Vijay Singh then returned to his bed. He began to groan as if in disgust. The ghost was shocked to hear the noise. Vijay Singh told the ghost that his cave was filled with insects. He was sleeping soundly when that insect came to trouble him. The ghost got panicked and fled.

Vijay Singh returned to his village with all the treasure left behind by the ghost. He married the old woman’s granddaughter. He gave up boasting. No traveller was thereafter looted or killed in the Haunted Desert.