A Magic Pot and Flooding Porridge

Ria was a 5 years old girl. She was sweet, humble and good, raised with all good deeds by her mother. Her father died in an accident when she was 2 years old. Although they found it too hard to survive the mother and the daughter continued to battle with the life.

Ria’s mom worked as servant maid in a few houses and she used to bring food home given by her masters. They rarely get sufficient foods and mostly they survive on leftovers given by the households. One day, the little girl had nothing to eat as her mom was severely ill.

She went to nearby forest to get some food from the woods. She met an old lady, who knows about the little girl’s misery. The old lady gave her a magic pot and told her, the pot would help overcome all her miseries. The old lady said that the magic pot can provide her unlimited amount of delicious foods and she should tell, ‘Cook good food little pot’ and when you want to stop it, you should say, ‘Stop little pot.’ ‘You can ask the magic pot to give you whatever food you want’ told the old lady.

Ria reached home happily and asked the magic pot, ‘Cook good sweet delicious porridge little pot!’ The pot provided delicious sweet porridge. The mother and daughter ate the porridge. Ria told the pot, ‘Stop little pot’ and the pot ceased to cook.

Ria’s mother was surprised as well as happy. Very soon, they got rid of their poverty and ate tasty varieties of foods whenever they want.

One day, Ria went out with friends. Her mom wanted to eat porridge and asked the pot, ‘Cook good porridge little pot.’ The pot started to give porridge for the mom. Ria’s mom ate the porridge until she was full. Unfortunately, she did not know the words to cease the pot cooking. She tried to say a few words but magic pot continued to cook.

The porridge rose over the pot, fell on the floor, the kitchen was filled with porridge, the house was full, and the nearby house, the entire street was filled with porridge. No one had any idea how to stop the magic pot cooking.

Ria was shocked to see the streets with full of porridge, running down cover the entire village and told the words, ‘Stop little pot!’ And finally, the pot ceased cooking.

So, whoever wanted to reach their home should eat the porridge and take the way back! Soon after Ria reached her home, the mom and daughter had a great laugh. And yes, Ria taught her mom to say important words that makes the magic pot stop cooking!