A House, A Home by Lorraine M. Halli Story

What is a house?
It’s brick and stone
and wood that’s hard.
Some window glass
and perhaps a yard.
It’s eaves and chimneys
and tile floors
and stucco and roof
and lots of doors.

What is a home?
It’s loving and family
and doing for others.
It’s brothers and sisters
and fathers and mothers.
It’s unselfish acts
and kindly sharing
and showing your loved ones
you’re always caring.


A house and a home are different in many ways. A house is just a building made for people to live in. It is a lifeless structure made of bricks and stones with doors made of wood and windows with glass panes. It has a courtyard, chimneys and tiles on the floor.

A home on the other hand is a place where one lives with one’s family. The family has many members like parents, brothers and sisters, who care for each other and share their joys and sorrows. They show their concern for each other by their selfless deeds.